The fans of the game whose cricketers are also fanatic

Shoaib Ali

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The fans of the game whose cricketers are also fanatic

It is a matter of encouraging her team to encourage or keep yourself unique from others, there are few faces in the cricket fields that are as popular as cricket players themselves.

The fans of the game with these ‘specialists’ get similar fans like famous and well known cricketers, while making photos and crafts with them is as much as to make pictures with the characters.

It is not possible to be a World Cup and this special fan is not in England for a long time to encourage its teams.

Chacha Cricket
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Sufi Abdul Jalil (Chacha Cricket)

Sufi Abdul Jail, who belonged to Sialkot, Pakistan, is known as the world uncle.

Although he first took an exciting slogan at Stadium, when England’s Test match in Lahore led by England’s Colin Coward in 1968.

However, Sufi Abdul Jaleel was found in the prestigious Sharjah cricket field when he appeared in the country in the first half of the tournament in 1997 in four national tournaments wearing green clothes. Their slogans and phrases were attracted to everyone.

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Sufi Abdul Jalil has changed his slogans and slogans over time. In an era when they entered the ground, one of them used apple and baggage in apple and other hand and used loud voice, so see Pakistan Pakistan. But later he began to sound in his own special dialect, ‘Do not be afraid when you love.’ Pakistan Zindabad.


Sodhar Kumar Gotham


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Sodhar Kumar Gotham (Sachin)

The familiar face of Indian cricket, which is known as Sachin, instead of its original name Sodhir Kumar Gotham.

Their individuality is that they paint the colors of the Indian flag on their body, on which Tendulkar and his shirt shirts ten, in which he has now added ‘Miss Yu Tendulkar’.

Sodhar Kumar is the goddess of Gautam Sachin Tandulkar, and in this Dhanagi, he set a three-week journey on his bicycle from Bikaner, and met Tendulkar in Mumbai Tests. Today, this has already been settled for fifteen years and Sodhir Kumar is present in every ground to encourage the Indian team.

Although Sachin Tandulkar has retired, he is still financially assisting Sodhir Kumar’s foreign tours.

Sodher Kumar, a Gotham Life event, was the World Cup finals, which India lost Sri Lanka and after the final, Sachin Tandulkar sent Zaheer Khan to the Sodhir Kumar in the dressing room and after the final Pictures of the World Cup were scored in their hands.

Sodhar Kumar came to Pakistan on the bike in Gotham Sana 2006. His cycle was stopped at the Wagha border, after which Sodhir Kumar walked on a bicycle in Pakistan and he has not forgotten the hospitality of Pakistanis.

Shoaib Ali
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Shoaib Ali (Bengali Tiger)

Shoaib Ali is a great fan of Bangladesh cricket team but he is known as Bengali Tiger instead of his original name.

Shoaib Ali found out that he wanted to come to the World Cup to encourage Bangladeshi team but he could not get a visa.

Shoaib Ali Carak, who lives in Dhaka, but seeing interest of cricket and Sodhir Kumar, the love of cricket increased the painting on the body by painting dentoring paintings.

They paint tigers’ strips on their bodies with Bangladeshi flags and are also torn in the field.

Initially, they hid everything from their families, they did not know that there was no one else to raise Bengali Tigers in the ground but their own son.

Shoaib Ali once again crossed the border of India, which he had to pay a heavy price in cricket.

Gayan Senanayake
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Gayan Senanayake

Gayan Senanayake is the Sri Lanka team super fan. She has been playing field for her team since 1998, while Sri Lanka’s all cricketers are meeting Gayan Senanayake, not just this, but other cricketers also respect a lot of Sena Nike.

The most memorable event of the life of Gayan Senanayake was to be invited specifically in the invitation of Indian captain Vrat Kohli.

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