ICC World Cup 2019 Cricket War Between India and Pakisan

ICC World Cup India Vs Pak

Photo : Internet

ICC World Cup 2019 Cricket War Between India and Pakisan

ICC World Cup India Vs Pak
Photo : Internet

There has been a War between India and Pakistan once again, but this time, there is no border tension but cricket.

Pakistan and India are contesting in the ongoing World Cup in England.

The advertisement of a Pakistani company has given the atmosphere more heat in this atmosphere. This advertisement has been presented to Pakistan, a pilot Abhinandan arrested an year ago.

Abhinandan was taken by Pakistani authorities after his plane collapsed and after the investigation, he was handed over to Indian authorities under “the desire of peace.”

When this incident occurred in February 2019, the situation between the two countries was very tense and public sentiments were also fluttered by the border.

An actor in the advertisement whose mushrooms are like Abhinandan and they are wearing jerseys related to Indian cricket, in the investigative video, as shown by Pakistan, after release of Abhinandan.

In the video , as Abhinand denies every question, the same actor, in the same World Cup, in response to every Indian team question, ‘ I am no supposed to tell you ‘.

Finally, when it is asked about tea, it makes it very good and it seems to be going along with a cup when it is allowed to leave, the questioner says ‘leave the cup’.

When Abhinandan had returned to India, he was called hero and that is why the Indian people did not like this advertisement and they are calling it innocence and shameful.

But there are some people who have shown resistance to this advertisement and some say India should defeat Pakistan in the match.

Pakistan is not behind anyone, and they say that India is making fun of Pakistanis ‘ Moqa Moqa ‘ with the last World Cup competitions and now they are not getting an advertisement.

One thing is clear from these messages that Pakistan and India teams will compete even more than thousands of times when they are contestants in the field of Old Trafford.

It’s definitely going to happen if it does not rain.

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